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  • Woodland Squirrel Bird Feeders

    $29.99 $20.00

    Squirrel Tail

    A plump brown squirrel shares his bounty with his feathered pals.
    He is cupping a generous serving of birdseed in his fluffy tail.
    Lifelike feeder is a lovable, functional outdoor accent!
    7" x 4" x 6"


    Woodland Squirrel Bird Feedes

    Scurrying Squirrel

    With this charming outdoor accent, you get an adorable sculpture for a nearby tree and the birds get a treat!

    This squirrel has been caught in the act of running away with a basin full of delicious morsels.

    This bird feeder mounts easily to a wooden surface.
    4.5" x 7" x 13"



    Woodland Squirrel Bird Feeder