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  • Elegant Wall Sconces

    $29.99 $19.00

    Silver Mist

    This has  beautiful silver metal stems that spring from your wall.

    They hold gorgeous faceted glass candle cup blooms and glimmering buds.

    Place the candles of your choice inside this unique sconce and enjoy the magical shine.
    7.25" x 3.5" x 14"



    Ornate Scroll

    A palatial touch of Tuscan elegance adds old-world beauty to your home!

    Ornate matte-black metalwork forms a dramatic backdrop for a crystal-clear cylinder of glass.

    Simply add your favorite color pillar candle for instant decorating magic!

    Sold Individually
    4.25" x 4.5" x 19.8"



    Fuchsia Blooms

    Light your wall with brilliant fuchsia shine from this stunning sconce.

    Silvery stems hold delicate flowers and two flowery candle cups that are ready for the candles of your choice

    . 8.5" x 4.5" x 17.2"



    Fleur-De-Lis Duo

    This dazzling duo of candle sconces will dress up any wall with continental style and flair.

    Just add pillar candles, and the intricate scrolling metalwork design of this sconce set will shine!
    5.5" x 4.38" x 15.8"



    Fleur-De-Lis Large

    This gorgeous trellis-style wall sconce features four platforms that await the pillar candles of your choice.

    Hang this stunning metal sculpture on your wall and enjoy!
    21.5" x 3.62" x 26.9"



    Contemporary Trio

    Modern black metal, clear glass, and sparkling candlelight mix .

    This is a stunning accent for your wall.

    Two sconces hold a single candle cup, and the third holds two candle cups. 

    2.38" x 3.88" x 14"