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  • USS Constitution

    $229.99 $199.00


    Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship

    Exquisitelyfine craftsmanship, unmatched features and careful attention to every detail.
    These scale replica tall ship models of the USS Constitution are certain to please even the most discriminating enthusiast of naval history.
    It will be the highlight of an office or den, or the centerpiece of a nautical themed meeting room or family living room, “Old Ironsides” will evoke wonder at her manifest detail and inspire historical pride with her indomitable spirit.

    • Handcrafted by master artisans
    • Individual copper finished plates below the waterline
    • Museum Quality features not available in other tall ship models
      • Accurate beak head design and scroll work
      • Detail is accurate to scale see deck features and cannon carriages
    • Two metal anchors weigh aside the bow
    • Other Amazing Details, including:
      • Authentic scale lifeboats
      • 22 sails hold their shape and do not wrinkle
      • Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and color

    USS Constitution Limited 20"

    Overall Dims: 20" L x 4" W x 15" H

    USS Constitution Limited 30"

    Overall Dims: 30" L x 9" W x 23" H

    USS Constellation Limited 37"

    Overall Dims: 37" L x 12" W x 28" H


    USS Constitution Limited 50"

    Overall Dims: 50" L x 15" W x 34" H