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  • Turquoise Mediterranean Ceramic Planter

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    Draw attention to your potted plants with this unique ceramic planter.
    Each planter is hand-etched and hand-painted, using age-old techniques from Morocco.
    At 10 inches across, this planter is roomy enough to hold a large outdoor plant, or it can be used indoors for a house plant.
    Each planter is signed by the artisan who created it.

    Moroccan pottery traditions date back over one thousand years.
    Today many of the same techniques are still used to create these exquisite works of art
    To create this planter ceramic clay is softened by hand, dried in the sun then baked in kilns that are over 200 years old
    Engraved planter was created by master artisans of Safi, a region of Morocco
    Safi is known for ceramic pottery made of red clay
    Each planter is signed by the artisan and is a unique work of art