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  • Swan Light USB Desk Lamp

    $34.99 $24.75
    Sleek, Sophisticated and Super Bright

    This sleek, contemporary and designer styled desk lamp is great for any room and not just for desks.

    It's super bright but will never get hot to the touch.
    The secret is in the new LED technology of 12 SMD Bulbs.
    These are some of the brightest bulbs that use very little energy. This makes it super safe for kids and
    a must to add to their bedroom.
    Plus the LED's are flicker-free for pleasant reading experience.

    The Swan Light also features a sensor touch button this allows you to get just the right amount of light.
    Tap once to turn it on.
    Hold it down and it will dim or brighten it.
    Plus when you turn it on again it will remember your last setting.

    With 120 Lumens of warm light it is the perfect amount of light to use at a desk, on a nightstand or in any room where you want some ambient lighting.
    The long flexible goose-neck is fully flexible and can be set into any position.

    These are great to have in your home because the Dual Power Option ensure you will always have light in any situation. It can be powered via three AA Batteries which ARE INCLUDED! or thru the included USB Cord which means you can power from a computer, wall adapter even a battery back up charger you use for your smartphones!