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  • Tapered Stoneware Bird House


    This splendid stoneware birdhouse features a tapered/conical shape that provides an enticing enhancement to any yard or garden.

    The 1.25" opening is ideal for a variety of nesting songbirds such as the chickadee, nuthatch, wren, warbler and tufted titmouse.

    An interior platform creates a flat surface for nesting while a removable top allows adequate ventilation and easy access for seasonal cleaning.

    Each is individually constructed by hand from clay slabs and fired to 2400-degrees in the mountains of North Carolina.

    Best of all, each birdhouse is unaffected by water and ice, allowing the birdhouse to remain in your garden year-round.
    Includes braided steel cable hanger. Choose from royal blue or butternut colors.

     Handcrafted in the USA 

      14" high x 9.5" wide; Weight : 4.0 lbs

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