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Solar Gazing Ball

$199.99 $129.95

Made of light-enhancing cracked glass, the Solar Gazing Ball will dazzle you and your guests with seven ever-changing colors, or you can flip a switch to display steady white. No plugs or cords needed -- the gazing globe is powered by a 3.2v LiFePO4 battery that is charged each day by the solar panel. The Solar Gazing Ball glows for up to six hours after exposure to 6-8 hours of sunlight.

The Solar Gazing Ball sits atop a gray stone-look pillar of weatherproof-resin. The gazing globe includes two stakes: one for the pillar, and one for the solar panel that can be positioned up to 14' away from the gazing ball.

Simply run the solar panel cord through the notch on the bottom edge of the pillar so pillar stands flat. A towering 32" tall overall, this gazing ball is also very impressive by day when it's not lit up.
NOTE: the glass gazing globe is breakable; take care when displaying this item on hard surfaces.