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  • Recessed Solar Deck, Dock and Path Light Sets

    $99.99 $65.24
    Guide your guests with the solar-powered illumination of this five or 10 light set.
    Designed to be bolted into place, these round lights work on pathways, steps, decks, patios and docks to provide functional lighting to keep guests safe.
    The corrosion-resistant and weatherproof lights stand up to outside elements for long-lasting use.

    Because they are solar powered, these lights work almost anywhere that receives direct sunlight without the need for running electricity to the area.
    Installation is quick, and you save money on your electric bills.
    The LED bulbs provide enough light to alert and guide guests, while operating efficiently and reliably.

    • Comes in a set of five black lights made from plastic
    • Weatherproof, UV protected and corrosion resistant for durability
    • Mounts to wood with a bolt
    • Comes with the necessary drill bit
    • Install by drilling into the wood, placing the light and bolting it from the back side for secure placement
    • LED lights run efficiently
    • Dimensions are 3"H x 3.5"W x 3.5"D

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