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Premium-Quality Micro Precision Screwdriver Set

$18.99 $10.50

Lifetime Warranty

Every home and shop needs a quality set of micro-tip precision screwdrivers - and this is that set.
First, shafts & tips are of Chrome-Vanadium steel - same steel used to make truck transmission gears - to resist twisting or cam-out.
Next, the aircraft aluminum handles are super-lightweight so they're easier to handle.
They are color-coded so you always grab the right one.
The spinner tops are essential - they allow you to place downward pressure on the driver with the heel of your hand while turning barrel with your fingers.
The downward pressure forces the tip into the head of the screw/fastener for extra bite, which helps prevent stripping the screw-head.
Tough organizer case with secure-close keeps them easy to find for the next job and fits easily in drawer or hang over workbench.

  • Essential set of micro-tip screwdrivers for home or shop with manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • High-durability hardened & tempered Chrome-Vanadium steel alloy shafts resist stripping & cam-out
  • Lightweight, color-coded & easy to hold aircraft aluminum handles with spinner tops; 4" to 5" length
  • Six most commonly-used fasteners: slotted/flat-head 2.0mm, 2.4mm & 3.0mm; Phillips #00, #0 & #1
  • Perfect set for eyeglass repair, watches, computers & electronics; sturdy clear-view case