New World Items with Old World Prices
  • Solar Powered Outdoor Hummingbird, Butterfly & Dragonfly Solar Garden Stake Light-

    This 3 piece decorative solar light set is the perfect addition to your yard and garden, and costs nothing to operate!
    The color-changing LED lights inside the transparent hummingbird, butterfly and dragonfly constantly cycle from red to green to blue once dusk falls.
    1-3/4"-square solar panel hangs on each stake.
    Charges the built-in AA NiCd battery in direct sunlight.
    Once dusk comes, these solar lights automatically illuminate your yard or garden with changing colors.
    • Solar panel charges the battery during the day
    • LED lights turn on automatically at dusk
    • Changes color in a red, green, blue sequence
    • Includes three 30" tall stakes

    - Utilizes solar energy to charge the 1.2v/600mAh built an AA-type rechargeable batteries.
    - The LED lamps are a colorful mix of red, green and blue for primary colors and orange for a progressive color.
    - "On" switch enables automatic activation of light during nighttime hours; "off" switch disables the light.
    - Durable, waterproof material maintains the light's electronics while providing a transparent case for the best possible illumination.
    - Product overall height 70CM