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  • Large Windspinners

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    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    Catch the wind with one of these large garden wind spinners.


    Airbrushed three color kinetic spinner
    This airbrushed, three color kinetic spinner.
    Each side spins in the opposite direction for a striking display in your yard or garden.
    Stands an impressive 84" tall and measures 16-1/2" in diameter. Made of weather resistant metal.
    Simple assembly required, instructions included.


    Movement and light combine for a dramatic garden display.
    Two tiers of colorful metal petals spin in opposite directions.
    Nestled in the middle, the 3" diameter solar glass ball emits color-changing light by night.
    A slight breeze sends this spinner whirling.
    The solar powered LED cycles through vibrant colors after dark.
    Measures 25" diameter and stands 75" tall when fully staked.
    Some assembly required.
    Made of airbrushed sheet metal and powdered coated steel.
    Instructions included.

    Blue Sails

    The Blue Sails Wind Spinner is a unique outdoor decor item.

    When staked the moving metal sculpture measures 64" high.
    Symmetrical blue sails spin in circles depending on the wind.

    This one really looks great by the sea at a beach house or vacation home.
    Makes an impressive gift for decorating the yard or lawn
    Some minor assembly required, instructions included
    Made from weather-resistant metal coated with durable, blue and black paint
    Blue Sails Wind Spinner measures 17" at its widest point


    Summer breeze will dance in your yard or garden when captured by this gorgeous iron windmill.

    The spinning petals stand seven feet tall and create a wind-powered spectacle of style.

    24" x 10" x 84"  039138029119