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  • Helping Hands for hobby and crafts

    $22.99 $14.95

    Helping Hands

    Helping Hands gives you a "third hand" for working on hobbies, precision soldering, electronics projects or any other detailed work where magnification, a steady hold and extra hands are needed!
    Helping Hands has a magnifying glass and various adjustable joints that act as a third hand work support to firmly hold items at an optimal angle for performing meticulous work.
    • Adjustable clips hold work at any angle
    • Magnifying glass for close inspection

    Helping Hands with LED Lights

    Ideal for precision work like electronics or detail work, this soldering helping hand has a stable cast iron base to keep your work steady.
    The magnifier with light is LED for a clearer, better view when soldering.
    The magnifier with light features a 2x magnification with a 6x zoom lens to get a close look at your work.
    • Convenient LED lights for better view while soldering
    • Large magnification glass with 2x power magnification and 6x zoom lens
    • 2" long alligator clips
    • Stable cast iron base with sponge tray
    • Coiled soldering helping hand iron stand