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  • Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs Set of 25

    $49.99 $35.00
    • These globe lights strings transport you by dressing your space with an elegant, timeless flair.
    • INSTALLATION SUGGESTIONS :: Unscrew all bulbs from sockets before removing from box.
    • Install strand with the empty sockets desired location.
    • Once strand is secured, screw bulbs into empty sockets.
    • In case of windy conditions, install strands far apart enough so bulbs don?t collide.
    • For one-person or high installations, secure each end of strand securely, one by one.
    • To prevent bulbs from breaking upon impact, move strands slowly during installation.
    • Each strand of 25 lights has end-to-end connections, so you can attach up to 3 strands to cover large areas.
    • Even with broken or removed bulbs, remaining bulbs will continue to light up.
    • Total Length: 25 feet. Bulb Spacing: 12 inches. Lead Length (on both ends): 6 inches.
    • New 6" lead length allows multiple strands to be connected while maintaining 12" bulb spacing throughout the run.
    • UL Listed & ideal for general indoor/outdoor lighting applications!
    • The updated design makes these lights more energy-efficient, and now allows a max. of 3 strands connected together.
    • Backed by a 3-YEAR satisfaction guarantee for the light string (except bulbs)