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  • Copperworks Planter

    $99.99 $75.00

    Calling these handcrafted vases and planters impressive seems like an understatement.

    Infused with a contemporary urban flair and creating a commanding presence wherever they go, they are more like individual works of art in various sizes, each one painted by hand in midnight black with bold streaks of gleaming copper running rampant over the entire design. Because each one is individually painted, the design becomes unique to each vase and planter.

    Copperworks vases and planters are created one at a time on the tropical island of Bali of lightweight, break-resistant synthetic resin. That means they’re light enough to pick up and move on a whim, but tough enough to not crack or chip.

    Group several sizes together to make a decorating statement, but don’t just limit their uses to places inside your home. They also add instant beauty to a patio, veranda or garden. The durable, high quality paints won’t run or fade and are weather-safe in all outdoor conditions.


    Name: Copperworks Planter, Medium 
    Product Dimensions: 13.5" Tall x 12.5" Diameter 
    Product Weight: 3.8 lb. 
    UPC: 858941002344


    Name: Copperworks Planter, Large
    Product Dimensions: 17.75" Tall x 15" Diameter
    Product Weight: 5 lb.
    UPC: 858941002337

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