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  • Audio Technica AT-LP120USB Direct Drive Professional DJ Turntable

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    The Audio Technica AT-LP120USB Direct Drive Professional DJ Turntable delivers a host of features that are suitable for use in nightclub DJ booths, mobile and home DJ applications

    • USB output that connects directly to your computer
    • Select-able 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM speeds
    • Direct drive high torque motor
    • Plus minus 10 percent and 20 percent quartz pitch control
    • 0.5-inch mount universal head shell with Dual Magnet phono cartridge
    • Balanced tone arm with soft damping control
    • Switchable built-in pre amplifier with line-level RCA output cables
    • Stroboscopic platter speed indicator
    • Forward and reverse play
    • Type: 3 speed, fully manual operation
    • Motor: DC motor
    • Drive method: Direct drive
    • Turntable platter: Die cast aluminum
    • Starting torque: greater than 1.6 kgf-cm
    • Braking system: Electronic brake
    • Wow and Flutter: less than 0.2 percent WRMS (33 RPM)
    • Signal to noise ratio: greater than 50 dB
    • Pitch control range is +/- 10 or 20 percent
    • Output level: Pre amp PHONO: 2.5 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec
    • Output level: Pre amp LINE: 150 mV nominal at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec
    • Phono pre amp gain: 36 dB nominal, RIAA equalized
    • Mac and PC compatible: Audacity software digitizes your LPs
    • System requirements: PC or Mac with an available USB port (USB 1.1 or higher). CD-R or CD-RW writer for burning CDs and installation
    • Construction: Professional cast aluminum platter with slip mat
    • Included cables connect to your stereo or powered speakers
    • Includes cartridge and 95E stylus
    • Includes audacity recording software (Audacity requires Mac running OS X 10.1 or later or PC running Windows 98 and above
    • Color: Silver
    • Dimensions: 17.72 inches wide x 13.86 inches deep x 6.1 inches high
    • Weight: 23.5 pounds