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Ac/Heat Vent Extender

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Simply place a Vent Extender onto a blocked vent, and it will redirect the air to a more open area of the room.
Use the included pieces of double-sided tape to hold the extender in place.
Household vents frequently are blocked by furniture, which prevents the air from properly circulating.
By moving the air more efficiently, the Vent Extender can help lower your energy bills, and you'll spend less time adjusting the thermostat.

This is great if you have a vent under a chair or couch!

Made of clear plastic, it extends from 20" to 35-1/4" long.
Measures 11" wide and is 1-1/2" high.

  • Get several to use throughout your home!
  • Channel air out from under furniture
  • Details:
    • Extends from 20" to 35-1/4" long
    • 11" wide x 1-1/2" high
    • Plastic...

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