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  • 4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set

    $79.99 $59.24
    What is the #1 selling cooking item? It's this Square Copper Pan Set, now new and improved with dual pour spouts and beautiful slate gray exterior!

    There are many different names and even many different TV commercials... but all feature a similar type pan and accessories at a MUCH higher price.
    Don't pay those high TV and Store prices, grab this 4-Piece Copper Pan Set for 1/2 price.
    This is a 6-in-1 pan that will allow you to get rid of so many other pans in your cabinets. You can bake, deep-fry, roast, steam, saute or broil with just this one pan! Yes you can go straight from the stove and into the oven. Dual pour spouts make it even easier for serving or draining excess fat from the pan.

    4 Piece Set Includes:
    - 4.5 Quart Cooper Square Pan with Dual Pour Spouts
    - Tempered Glass Lid
    - Fry Basket
    - Steam / Roast Rack