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  • 250 Watt HD Home Theater Slim Powered Active Subwoofer

    $199.99 $124.99
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    This Theater Solutions Powered Floor Sub woofer is newly designed for consumers who demand extra powerful bass for their home theater experience.
    High quality, lush bass and a full bodied sound at an affordable price.
    This speaker is perfect playing movies or mega bass rap music.
    Made with only the highest quality, moisture resistant materials to deliver unsurpassed sound in any listening environment.
    Sophisticated design and measurement equipment, including computer assisted design software were used to design this powered sub woofer to achieve an optimized balance and interface between components to give better quality performance and longer life.
    This slim versatile sub comes with stands to set up in any area, a mounting bracket to attach to a wall or the slim 4 0.75 inch height can slide under most furniture.
    The specially built in cabinet amplifier has high level left/right spring terminal inputs.
    The 24dB per octave crossover is continuously variable from 50-150Hz.
    This powered sub also has a built-in auto shut off.
    If two minutes goes by and sub does not receive a signal it switches to stand-by mode to conserve power. Volume and crossover frequency dials round out the special features on this super powerful sub woofer.
    The 8 inch long throw bass woofer has a frequency response of 35-150 Hz +/- 2dB.
    The port design smooths air flowing in and out of the cabinet, reducing turbulence and port noise.
    The ports also increase linearity, lowers distortion, reduces 5th order harmonic distortion and provides an increased output as high as 2-3dB.
    A mahogany wood or Black finish, cabinet feet,
    An ac115 AC cord, included RCA cables, RCA 'Y' adapter, stand mounts and hanging mount with mounting screws round out this sub woofers fantastic details.

    • Slim 4 0.75 inch Height Design Fits Under Most Furniture
    • 8-inch High Efficiency Low Frequency Transducer
    • 100 Watts RMS and 250 Watts Max In Cabinet Amplifier
    • 35-150Hz Frequency Response
    • 24dB per Octave Crossover
    • High Level Input L/R Speaker Spring Terminals
    • L/R RCA Inputs
    • Built-in Auto Shut Off
    • Stand Mounts, Wall Mount and Mounting Screws Included
    • RCA Cables, 'Y' RCA Adapter and Full Instructions Included
    • Dimensions are Height 4 0.75 inch x Length 24 5/8-inch x Depth 15 0.75 inch
    • 1 Powered Sub woofer
    • Condition: New
    • Speaker Type: Sub-woofers, Floor Speakers
    • Color: Black or Wood grain