New World Items with Old World Prices
  • 16½" x 16½" Bird baths with Stand

    $89.99 $49.00

    Lush Garden

    A tempered-glass bowl with brightly colored birds and foliage.

    It brings about the scene of a cheery morning in a lush garden.

    The streamlined metal stand puts a modern twist on the classic birdbath.
    The tropical hues will create a happy watering spot for the birds in your neighborhood.
    Birdbath: 16½" x 16½" x 2¾" high;
    Stand: 20" high.

    Radiant Sun

    The colorful mosaic bowl and the sleek, modern metal stand make this birdbath a contemporary classic.

    The wise face of this sun surrounded by jewel-toned tiles will brighten the water, attracting birds to take a break from flitting and flying to cool off in your yard.
    Birdbath: 15" x 15" x 2½" high;
    Stand: 20" high.