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  • Wireless Remote Control Outlets 3 pack

    $69.99 $29.00

    Leaving an appliance in standby can consume 10-30% of the power and can shorten the life of the appliance by 15%.
    This device is a great solution for controlling appliances in inaccessible areas, or for people with limited mobility.
    It is great if you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night.
    You can use the remote to turn other rooms' lights on and off.
    Additional remotes are available so you can leave remotes in different rooms and not worry about forgetting the remote.

    If you want a replacement part or multiple outlets to work on the same frequency, you now have an easy solution.
    This learning function allows you to program the learning outlets and the remotes with any outlet regardless of the frequency. .
    You can now use multiple outlets with a single button.
    Or you can control as many outlets as you choose with the press of a single button.
    This function is simple to use and takes seconds to get remotes and outlets matched with each other.
    If you no longer want the button to turn on all the outlets, the remote can be reconfigured to work with each outlet individually.

    Due to the improved design, you will be able to plug this unit into the wall and still have enough room to use the outlet below it.

    Power input/output: 120V/60Hz, max. 1200W 10A
    Very lower standby power consumption: about 0.6w-0.7w

    3 Pack x Etekcity® Remote Control Outlet
    1 x Remote Control
    1x 12V Battery (for remote) --We provide extra batteries to save your precious time
    1x 12V Extra Battery
    1 x User's Manual
    Wireless Remote Control Outlet