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  • Wireless Cooking Thermometer

    $39.99 $29.00
    Wireless Cooking Thermometer with a stainless steel probe helps you become a chef and savor perfectly cooked meat according to your own taste.

    “How do you like your steak, sir?”
    This might be a question you've heard before at the restaurant but now this could be the question that you might ask your guests.
    The Wireless Cooking Thermometer with Probe takes the hard job and guess work out by letting you check and set temperatures from up to 30 meters away.
    Its probe, attached by a wire to the receiver base, once placed within the meat, transmits accurate cooking data in real time to the separate wireless receiver, allowing you to do other activities while being constantly informed about the cooking process.

    To achieve top chef performance, the Wireless Cooking Thermometer also comes with a range of helpful features.
    Besides providing temperatures, the remote receiver gives suggestions about temperatures suitable for six different kinds of meat.
    It offers four taste settings to select, has a fully adjustable heat monitor and built-in timer, and warns you vocally once the desired temperature is reached.
    It is easy to operate, a LED light allows convenient view in the dark and the rugged design is perfect for outdoor use!

    The Wireless Cooking Thermometer with Probe is the perfect tool to help you enjoy every piece of meat as you like.
     12 month warranty.