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Solar Powered Green Ultrasonic Pest Control Device

$49.99 $39.00
Frequency: 400HZ - 1000HZ
- Rated voltage: 1-2V
- Works day and night
- Emits sonic tone every 30 - 50 seconds
- Battery: 2 x 600mA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
- Safe with pets and children around
- No Poison, no chemical, environmentally friendly
- Sun Powered
- Powered by the sun
- Fast & easy install
- Energy, electrical saving
- Recharged by solar panel under sunlight
- Safe, Corrosion & Water Resistance
- This environmentally friendly pest control device emits a powerful ultrasonic wave through your lawn to eliminate ground hogs and other varmints. Effective coverage about 7000 square feet or 650 square meters and, emits sounds underground every 30-50 seconds.
There are no batteries to replace or wires to plug it.
Its solar powered panel makes it ideal for do-it-yourself homeowners.
For best results, it is recommended to use 2 units approximately 60 ft. apart in the highest risk area. #
The more you order the less they cost.