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  • Solar LED Fence Lights Set oh 4

    $44.99 $32.57
    Provide extra lighting with this fence mounted LED solar light set
    Provide extra light along walkways, decks or patios with this LED solar fence light set. The lights recharge with 6-8 hours of daylight and provide up to 9 hours of illumination at night. No need to switch on the solar lights manually - the lights come on automatically at dusk. The solar light set includes mounting hardware.
    • Lights come on automatically at dusk
    • Recharges in 6-8 hours of daylight
    • 9 hours run time
    • Long-life LED lamps
    • Easy to install, no wiring needed
    • Weather resistant high-impact housing
    • Mono-crystalline silicon solar panel
    • Comes with mounting hardware

    Includes rechargeable NiCd batteries

    2-1/4 in. x 4-5/8 in x 3-3/8 . Product Width