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  • Indoor Plug In Bug Zapper

    $19.99 $11.50
    Pesky bugs don't stand a chance in your home with the One Shot Bug Zapper.
     Simply plug it in to the electrical outlet, and it starts working immediately.
    The Blue UV LEDs attract and lure all kinds of pests to their doom.
    No sprays, smells, poisons for inside your home.
    The efficient circuit is designed to limit electric current and reduce energy loss.
    Mosquito's, flies, gnats, even fruit flies fly into the electrical grid with a quick zap.
    The sturdy plastic grid around makes it children and pet-safe.
     Perfect for kitchens, dens, basements, garages, or anywhere inside where you have unwanted flying pests.

    - Indoor Bug Zapper
    - Plugs Directly Into Outlet
    - Slide-Out Bug Tray for Easy Cleaning
    - Blue UV Light Lures Pests
    - Effective Area: 20 Square Meters
    - Compact Size, Folding Plug
    - Safe for Children, Pets
    - Bright Blue LED Makes for Great Nightlight
    - Dimensions: 4in x 2.25in x 1.75in