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  • Candle Lanterns

    $29.99 $19.00

    Rosette Prism

    Vibrant colors dance when a candle is lit inside this handsome tabletop candle lantern.
    Rich, jewel-tone hues come to life with the brightly colored and patterned glass panels framed by the intricate design of the dark metal lantern frame.
    Brighten your home with exotic flair!
    4" x 3.75" x 10"

    Blue Cove

    Calming azure hues sparkle and glow, splashing your room with peaceful tidings.
    Put your favorite candle inside this gorgeous black iron lantern and delight as the intricate cutouts and patterns come alive with candlelight.
    Hang it from the top loop or set it on your tabletop.
    5.75" x 5" x 11.5"

    Ocean Blue Lighthouse

    Indoors or out, the ocean-blue glass and white metal of this lighthouse lantern is a cheerful coastal accent for your home.
    Open the door to place a candle inside to soak in the cheery radiance.

    13¼" high with handle.

    Morocco Tower

    Simply stunning!
    This marvelous black iron lantern features an intricate cutout pattern.
    It will turn the glow from your favorite candle into breathtaking ambiance.
    Hang it from the top loop or set it on your tabletop.
    Candle not included.


    18" high with handle

    Medium 21 1/4" high with handle.

    Large 26 1/2" high with handle.