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  • Solar LED Paver Lights

    $49.99 $31.50

    Whether you're trying to improve the lighting in your backyard or simply want to add a unique, elegant look to your driveway, walkway, pathway or backyard patio area.

    If you want to highlight your home and everything it has to offer our solar LED stepping stones are perfect for giving you soft, gorgeous lighting that automatically turn on when you need them most.

    This manufacturer specializes in outdoor lighting, specifically in built-in solar panels that recharge each day to give you eight continuous hours of glorious lighting when the nighttime creeps in.

    Crafted using industrial-grade reinforced frosted glass, our solar stepping stones can withstand weather and even crushing weight to light the way on all your paths and surrounding landscape.

    With easy installation that doesn't require electricity or even wiring, anyone can add our solar lights to their home or work area.

    They supply some of the biggest names in the industry, including Cambridge, Old Castle Coastal, Horner Express, and many more.

    You'll even find these gorgeous lights in the Marriott in Coral Springs and the Plaza in South Carolina.

    Features and benefits of these amazing solar LED walkway lights:

    • DIY Installation (No Wiring or Electrical Installation)
    • Ultra-Bright Solar LED Panels
    • Weather Resistant
    • Add Safety to Walkways and Driveways
    • Provide Up to 100,000 Hours of Use
    • Actual Size: 6" wide x 6" long x 2" high  or 4" X 4"  x 2"
    • Batteries: AAA rechargeable Ni-Cad (included)